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We’re conducting a poll on behalf of Burley In Wharfedale and Menston residents, to establish public interest and support for:

  • New terminal expansion plans at Leeds Bradford Airport.
  • The extension of daytime flying hours, starting earlier in the morning and ending later in the evening.
  • Changes to the Noise Preferential Route (NPR). The route flight departures currently use over Burley & Menston.

Make your vote count, but please note that only a single vote per peson in each household is allowed.

There are no age restictions, so all household members, including children, are eligible to vote.

Those who do not have access to the internet, please visit your library (Burley or Menston), ask for a paper polling form. Complete the form and hand to a member of the library staff.

You must reside within either Burley In Wharfedale or Menston to be able to place a vote.

Vote counts will be shown here when the vote closes.

Final voting counts:

  • 289 respondents object to the application.
  • 43 respondents support the proposal for a new terminal building but object to the extension to flying hours.

Since the planning application is for a new terminal building together with an extension to flying hours, 332 people are objecting to the proposal in total.

  • 14 people support the planning application.
  • 322 respondents support a change to the existing NPR,  whilst 10 people did not.
  • There are 15 invalid votes by reason of:
    • No address supplied.
    • No indication of how they wish to vote.
  • 361 votes were cast in total, 14 in favour, 332 opposed the planning application and there are 15 invalid votes which included 1 voter who supplied their address and name as N/a.

All respondents who had an invalid vote had been notified by email, requesting that they supply missing detail. This includes, 8 people who failed to include name and address detail, 3 people who neglected to supply voting intent, and 3 people who did not answer any questions other than changes to the NPR.

We have already submitted two letters to Leeds City Council, one of support, the other objecting to the planning application, together with a list of names, house name and/or number and postcode for each of the following methods used to record a vote.

  • Email.
  • Polling form entry.

Each vote will show the precise date and time at which a vote was placed, for example 20/06/2020 11:18:20.

Are you a Burley or Menston resident?
Please select your community to begin. *

The poll has now closed. If you wish to make a submission, please visit Leeds Council’s planning portal.

The polling form may take a few seconds to appear

after pressing SUBMIT, please be patient…

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