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Leeds Bradford Airport proposed new terminal

Planning application delay.

It now appears that the airport are to delay proposed terminal and the extension to daytime flying by at least 2 years. You can read more about this here 20_02559_FU-FURTHER_INFORMATION_REPORT__EIA_-3360871

It does not affect any comments already submitted.

Bradford Council’s response to the planning application.

Despite our concerns raised by local councillors to both officers and to Alex Ross Shaw regarding the lack of consultation with District Councillors and Residents, and a request that they ask that the application be split into two parts – terminal building and extended flying hours, representatives have ignored our request and have indicated that they support the application wholeheartedly. There is as small reference to noise and pollution. What about this council’s response to their stated aims to combat the climate emergency? Never mind their responsibility to their residents, with whom they have made no attempt to consult.

To be absolutely clear, this is your council failing in its duty to engage with the community.

Here’s the response:

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

 Application No: 20/01724/CON



Carol Cunningham

Leeds City Council

Planning Services

Merrion House

110 Merrion Centre







Consultation Response – No Objection

Proposal: Consultation from Leeds City Council application number 20/02559/FU – Adjustments to the existing “airside” apron including demolition of passenger pier and ancillary accommodation, earthworks and site remodelling at the existing eastern parcel of the Airport apron to accommodate a new terminal building and forecourt area; A new terminal building and passenger piers; Construction of supporting infrastructure, goods yard and mechanical electrical plant; Relocation and extension of existing fuel storage tanks; Hard and soft landscaping including biodiversity works; Associated infrastructure/utilities, including drainage; Reconfiguration of existing car parking, and new car parking provision in the vicinity of the Viking Car Park. The provision for a new meet and greet building and separate parking inspection building. Additional car parking over the existing level would be phased and its delivery would be controlled through a planning review mechanism; New and modified vehicular (and pedestrian/cycle) access from Whitehouse Lane, including improved access for bus and coach to the new terminal building; New bus terminal and taxi drop off facilities to the front of the new passenger terminal; and Modifications to flight time controls to reflect current noise guidance, and to extend the daytime flight period

Location: Leeds And Bradford Airport Whitehouse Lane Yeadon Leeds LS19 7TZ

Applicant: Carol Cunningham

 City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council has NO OBJECTION to the above planning application.

I would be grateful when determining the planning application you took into consideration the following.

Leeds Bradford Airport plays an important role in the economy of the region and is a key economic driver for the Bradford District economy. Bradford residents account for 560,000 of the 4 million passengers using the airport annually and the airport activities directly employ many Bradford residents.

An efficient, modern and competitive regional airport is positive for both Leeds City Region and the Bradford District and a replacement terminal is a welcomed investment. A new, modern terminal will allow the airport to increase the number of cities directly served by network carriers, which in turn would enhance the business travel connectivity of the Region resulting in greater flows of trade, business, investment and people that will benefit Bradford business and its residents.

Leeds Bradford Airport’s Strategic Development Plan 2030 is highlighted as a driver for growth in the Bradford District economic strategy. Supporting the development of the Airport is one of the key actions of our economic strategy as it will help enable Bradford’s economic growth ambition by driving inward investment and acting as a catalyst for future international investment.

This is reflected in the strategic ambitions for Bradford, particularly where those Northern and Eastern areas of the District that are closest to the airport (including Airedale, Baildon, Esholt and Wharfedale) have a track record for business growth and demand that will benefit from the enhanced connectivity to national and international markets that an improved airport facility will provide.

The airport is an important employer with around 2,770 jobs on site and a significant number of these jobs are undertaken by Bradford residents. In addition, the airport drives wider economic impacts through indirect and induced impacts on the economy through supply chain, construction and enabling business communications.

There are a number of concerns from residents within Bradford District, including from Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale, concerning aircraft noise and the proposed extension of flight times in particular. CBMDC would ask that Leeds CC give full and detailed consideration to these representations when they determine the planning application.

CBMDC Environmental Health (Pollution) & (Nuisance) have commented on the application and responses are appended. Whilst acknowledging the issues around air quality and noise, there is no objection from EH.

It is welcomed that the applicants are committed to working with LCC and WYCA to deliver a proposed new rail station and that the scheme has been designed to be future- proofed to maximise the benefits of public transport links to the airport, utilising a new rail station. A number of points are made by Transport Planning, appended, around bus services and infrastructure, along with connectivity between the airport and Bradford. Again, I’d be grateful if these were considered when determining the planning application.

The Councils Biodiversity Officer has been in discussion with LCC colleagues, on any impacts on protected sites. Whilst no objections are raised, as is noted, further information has been requested by Natural England and that is for LCC to pursue with the applicant.

Date of Issue:

17 July 2020

Pages 3

Julian Jackson, Assistant Director (Planning, Transportation and Highways)

Department of Place

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