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Funding & GDPR

We have received an enquiry from a resident asking about the funding and the use of data for this website, both are really good questions to ask. In the interest of transparency here are the answers to these questions.

  • We are two Burley in Wharfedale residents, both having lived in the village for some 15 plus years.
  • We are not funded by any organisation.
  • Both the website and leaflets have been created at our expense. Just to make it absolutely clear, both of us are doing this to support our community and have received NO FUNDING whatsoever to do so.


  • GDPR – all data collected is stored on a secure server, and this is detailed in our privacy policy.
  • Contact form data is used to answer any website or general questions, after which the emails are destroyed.
  • Voting data collected contains, name, house number, postcode and email address. This data will be used to inform local Parish Council’s (Burley & Menston) of the survey result. We need this data so that it can be verified by Bradford Council’s electoral services team as a valid vote. I have personally already been through this process once before for the Sun Lane development.
  • We do not have access to any data through which we could obtain full address or names of polling participants.
  • After the data has been given to the relevant Parish Council(s), it will be imediately destroyed.

If you are concerned about yopur personal data being used for any other purpose, then simply don’t respond to the Airspace Poll. You can always support or object to this planning proposal via the Leeds City Council Planning Portal, or in writing to Leeds City Council.

Comments and objections to the proposed new terminal building and the extension to daytime flying hours need to be made before 5.00pm on June 16th. You can either write directly to:

Leeds City Council,
LBA Planning application 20/02559/FU,
Civic Hall,

or head over to the Leeds City Council Planning Portal at, enter 20/02559/FU in the search box. Head over to the comments tab, create an account and submit your comments or objections online.

There is sufficient evidence on this site to allow residents to provide an adequate response to this planning application should they wish to do so.

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